Monday, August 8, 2011

5 days until Rome!

Today was my last Monday of rehearsal! We brought back the Ballroom show because we finished the Walls show last Saturday. So now we know the opening night show (LUEY), Vegas, Walls, and half of Ballroom. After leaving Ballroom for two weeks, I forgot how hard it is! I hoping it'll get back into my body. We have a few dances left to finish, so we'll be done by Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we run all of the shows and get notes and then we're done with rehearsals on Friday! I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing with my Saturday yet, but I know that Sarah and I are going to not sleep Saturday night before our flight because we're getting picked up at 6am for a 9am flight, land in DC around 5pm, board a plane at 6pm and get to Rome at 8:30am on the 15th... so there will be plenty of time to sleep on the plane haha

My mind keeps racing over the fact that I will be across the globe in less than a week. I could barely sleep last night because I kept thinking about the things I want to get done before I leave and the people I want to talk to before I lose my phone for 4 months. I don't think not having it is going to be THAT bad, and I really don't think that lack of internet usage is going to be that bad either because I'm hardly on the internet now (if it is, it's mostly through my phone). I am going to miss being able to contact my family whenever I want, that's probably going to be the hardest adjustment. I have to keep telling myself that anyone that's important in my life is going to disappear these next 8 months, and if they do then they weren't meant to be in my life anyways.

I sometimes want to cry because I feel overwhelmed with joy with the opportunity I have in the palm of my hands right now. It makes me smile to know that I'm getting paid to do something that I absolutely love, and I get to travel.. and I'm young. Who else can say that? I'm so very fortunate, not only that I have this opportunity, but because I've been blessed with family and others who have unconditionally supported me along the way. I didn't have to go to school to dance, let alone in Oklahoma. It's so crazy to think of how lucky I am, as well as everyone else in my cast is, to be able to do this.

I think I've been having more anxiety this week because I know my time is running out in the states. And I know that the 4 months in Europe are going to truly fly by.. but it's still the jitters of this all being a new experience. I know my family is feeling it too.. both my parents tell me that they still worry because to them, I'm still their little girl, and I am SOO glad I have parents that care so much. At the same time, I feel sad because I don't want them to cry over me, even though I know it's good tears :) Regardless, I'll figure out a way to hopefully call my rents and sister more often than not.

Lots of emotions going on right now.. and I'll get through. I can't wait to write about the countries I'll be in and the experiences I'll have on the ship and to post pictures =) It's going to be amazing!!!!!!

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