Monday, August 29, 2011

Cruise #2: Shows, Dubrovnik & Corfu

So we're on the 4th day of our second cruise and so far, so good! The first day was back at the home port in Civitavecchia where Sarah and I walked around a little bit and used the wifi there and bought a few little things from the stands at the port. The second day was a sea day and we had our Ballroom Blitz show that evening, which was a lot of fun! We also had dance classes that morning and afternoon. I went to the afternoon one (in which they taught the Waltz) and I partnered with a few ladies because there weren't enough men. They were sweet; we keep running into them on this cruise which I think is so fun!! I also met a mother and daughter, Louise and Natalie. Natalie is 12 and dances and they both love our shows (They did a 20 day cruise) so they were talking about all the fun things that had done before on other cruises. They were fun to meet. I saw them sitting in the front row of our second show that evening!

The third day, Sarah and I walked around Dubrovnik for a little. We didn't go into the city, but just stayed out by the port because we slept in and only had a few hours before all aboard. I bought a really pretty scarf and we also went grocery shopping! What an experience that is to guess what you're buying since you can't read the wording! HAHA But I think I did okay! =) In the evening I went to the gym before we met up with the boys there and worked on some choreography and our frames for our shows. Afterward, roomie and I ordered room service and watched It's Complicated.

Today Kellie, Ali, Sarah and I went our to Corfu to sight-see and shop! We did quite a few hours of that and I had authentic greek food for lunch, which was surprisingly better than I expected :) I'll try to post more pictures, but for some reason my computer hates uploading pictures lately :( That's frustrating! I have a lot up on facebook but I know not everyone has facebook.

Tomorrow is Olympia, Greece! Hopefully I can get out to see the ruins and such, I just have to figure transportation and such. So yes, so far so good! Still loving ship life! :)

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