Sunday, August 21, 2011

Second show = success!

Tonight we did our performances of our second show, 'If Walls Could Rock', which is our musical theater show. It went really well! The second crowd was more responsive than the first, but both were pretty good crowds! Its a fun show to do since it's a lot of acting in addition to the dancing. We only do this show every other cruise though, so we won't be seeing it again for almost 20 days!

Today's port was an island off of Spain, Palma de Mollorca. It was soo pretty! Sarah and I were going to go shopping but we realized that we were close to all aboard time so we scratched the idea. So we napped instead before the shows =)

I love going to the crew bar between the two shows because it leads directly out to the bow, and I get to see the beautiful sea and any surrounding land!! I went out there today between the shows and it was a little windy, and I saw mountainous and on my right with a lighthouse and a wide open sea on my left. SOO pretty. Next time I'll take a picture... actually, I'll probably take a lot of pictures!

Tomorrow starts the three-day streek of crazy rehearsals for our Vegas shows. Tomorrow is also a sea day so the theater will be occupied a lot, therefore we have to have our rehearsals super late in the evening... we start at noon and go until six, have dinner, and then rehearse in the ocean spa for a little bit, and then go back to the theater until 3am. Yikes! We'll be good though :)

Other than that, that's about it for now. Our next show is in three days, and this cruise ends in four days, which means turnover week will be over!! YAY!! Stay tuned for more posts! <3

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