Sunday, August 14, 2011

One door closes, another door opens

So the rehearsal process in LA is now officially over! We had a rough last few days when our 8 hour rehearsal periods were extended to ten hours, and we were even on the brink of working on our day off. Thankfully, we still had today off which worked out wonderfully because I don't think I would have accomplished everything I wanted to otherwise. I cannot believe that it's been a month already. All four shows are learned, and the next time we do them, we'll be setting them onstage on the ship!! It still hasn't sunk in yet that I'm about to be living on a gigantic boat for the next 8 months of my life... I am SO EXCITED!!

My last day off here was really nice. Sarah and I woke up at 8am naturally, so we decided to go ahead and start off our day early, which was probably a good thing. We went to the post office and mailed some stuff home, and then went to Starbucks after because we were in desperate need of food, and most importantly coffee! ;) We got the last of the things we needed for the ship from CVS and Trader Joes, and even stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to try and find a few things for myself for storage (no luck). We were also successful at making our first clothing purchase in LA, haha! A few weeks ago, Kellie and I had discovered a cute little boutique shop called Fashion Runway, and so I took Sarah there and we both managed to find a cute dress for the ship; yay!

After the last of our errands were run, I was able to skype with my Dad and Grandpa for a little while. I am SOO glad that I got in a good, long chat with them, and even "see" them before I leave! I got a good, fatherly "lecture" about doing everything in groups so I stay safe, and we talked about all the odds and ends about my trip. And, I even got to hear about the latest ruckus my wonderful father is causing at good ol' Fino's restaurant, haha! Gosh, it felt so good to see my dad and Grandpa, I'm one lucky girl!! I'm going to miss them soooooo much!!!!!! I definitely shed quite a few tears after getting off skype with them because I just want to give them both a huge hug and I couldn't, and it's a little scary knowing that I can't call whenever I want because my phone's being turned off until November.

I was also able to skype with Angel, Marisa and Dave (some Oklahoma friends) since they were all hanging out! I miss that crew! It was good to connect with them again since I haven't really seen them a whole lot the past year. And it was of course wonderful to "see" my Seester before I leave! After that, I started packing and doing all the crazy things that go along with that. I was able to get all of my stuff in three bags and my two checked bags are less than 50 lbs! YAY! Which means no $200 in fees for overweight baggage! I'm stoked!

By the time I was done packing, I was able to get in a long, much needed convo with my Mumma! We laughed and cried and joked and it was wonderful :) She helped me get a short (well, sort of!) list together of the things I needed to get done on the internet tonight. While I was on the phone with her, Kellie told me about her ideas for sightseeing in Rome the day we have there, and I started to get super excited!!! Here's the plan: First we'll have coffee at Caffe San'Eustachio in the piazza behind the Pantheon, and then visit both the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona. Then we go to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, and then walk around Saint Peter's Cathedral. After that, we take a cab to go see the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum, which from there we can walk and go see the Trevi Fountain. Finally, we end with a walk to Piazza di Spagna and do a little shopping and make it home by 4pm so we can get a good nights rest! Leave it to Kellie to find and map out a plan of action for our limited time in the city of Rome before we board the ship!

So, after my mom got to hear about all of that, we talked a little more and then ended our convo on a bittersweet note. (It's really hard to say goodbye to my parents, let me tell you!) I got to talk to Angel again on the phone for about an hour and I am REALLY hoping that she makes a cruise! It'll be so much fun! We talked a little about life and how much were gonna miss each other, but we both know that time is going to FLLYY and before we know it, we'll be reunited :)

So yes, today has been a wonderful day off and I feel like I was able to get in all the communications that I wanted to, and I feel sooo grateful that I am super close with all of my family :) It was hard fighting tears today; I'm going to miss everyone so much, no matter how awesome this experience is. Its so hard to leave my loved ones behind! But I know that are with me all the time, and they are supporting me through and through :) I'm sending all the love I possibly can and more through this sillly little blog!!

And with that, T minus five and half hours til I am schedule to be picked up and taken the airport! ROME here we come!!!!!!!!! =D

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