Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another day off!

So I have completed another week of rehearsals. This week has felt a little easier because I'm not adjusting to the time change and I'm getting back in the groove of dancing. Plus, we only worked 6 days in a row instead of 8! We finished our Vegas show and ran it all the way through yesterday, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There's lot of fun numbers in that one =) Next week we'll start on our show called If Walls Could Rock, and then the week after we'll finish Ballroom Blitz, then review, then head off to Europe!

After rehearsal yesterday, Sarah and I ran a bunch of errands and did our grocery shopping. We also mega cleaned the apartment, haha which we were up til 1:30am doing so! At least the bathroom and kitchen has been bleached down! =) Sarah baked lemon cookies and a double chocolate cookie pie and we enjoyed those with wine and cheese and crackers while we watched The Secretariat at 2 in the morning haha. Today has just been a lazy day for me, which I thoroughly enjoy!!! I've made coffee, listened to some music, downloaded some books for my kindle, caught up on my shows, and now I'm going to go back to the apartment and make myself some food and relax for the rest of the day. My partner in crime (Sarah haha) is in San Diego for the day watching her friends dance debut with a new company, so she won't be home til later. I'll probaby just catch up with everyone and the events that happened last night, since they all went out to West Hollywood.

That's it for now! More later :)

Sarah and I

Susan and I!

John and I being goofy. Clearly I can't hold a camera still :)

Kellie and I!

This is what we look like during lunch haha

The aftermath of a long Saturday!

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