Monday, July 11, 2011

See You Laters: Parts 2 & 3

The roomies and I before I left Oklahoma!

Seeing my family in Texas was great. I got to have lunch with my sister, and she came over to my moms apartment a few times with the kids. My mom and I watched a TON of Gilmore Girls and drank a TON of coffee =) I also got to meet some of my moms friends/clients, all of which were very nice people. Eleanor and her husband were kind enough to let my mom and I play in their pool like little kids one day too! =D The whole family went to Lake Texoma one day, which was also a good time. The last thing we all got to do together was fireworks in the park on July 4th. After, my mom and I went to my sisters so I could say goodbye to the kids, Greg, and of course my amazing sister. We stayed longer than expected (of course haha) and took fun Mom-n-daughter pics and once I left my sisters house, but of us cried like babies =(

The next am I had to say goodbye to my Mumma =( We drove over to her friends house and said goodbye to her and then I hugged my mom like crazy before I left, annnnd cried as soon as I got in the car. Its just so hard to leave my family!!!!!!!!!! :( But I know that I will see them again before I know it.

Seester and I!!! LOVE Her sooo much

Mumma and her precious daughters =)

Life in Michigan has been crazy busy since I got here. Kateri's wedding was full of fun thing pre- and post Wedding Day. For her bachelorette party, Jen and I took her to Olive Garden for dinner, Coldstone for dessert, and CJ Barrymore's for bowling. Then we sat in the parking lot for an hour in the car just talking =) The wedding itself was beautiful... SO incredibly happy for my best friend :) I had to say goodbye to her yesterday before she left for her honeymoon since I'm leaving before she returns... and that was really hard for me. I haven't really gotten the chance to hang out with her much and just be, especially with all things considered, so I miss her. I cried a whole lot after I left her apartment... But just like everyone else, I will see her soon; absolutely =)

The maids of honor =)

Getting Kateri all ready for her big moment

Giggling together after the ceremony

Best Friends to 16 years =)

And that's about it for now. Been running around like a crazy person trying to see people and get things taken care of. I was able to see Elaine and Jenne today, which was SOOO nice! I've missed them! I also got to see Mom Giordano and skype with Danielle at the same time haha Tomorrow I'm going to go see Rhoda and meet with someone about my 401(k), and then hopefully my dad can get Wednesday-Friday off of work so I can actually spend some quality time with him!

That's all for now! T MINUS 3 DAYS UNTIL LOS ANGELES!!!!

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