Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More of rehearsal life

Today's rehearsals went by fairly quikly. We brought back some dances we learned yesterday, which were "Do You Believe" and "Sway". The first one is the opening number for our That's Vegas show and Sway is a fun, sassy latin number. It was brutal to learn because it is sooo fast. Today felt better bringing it back though. In time, practice will make it easier.

After running through those pieces, we learned some new numbers. The boys learned Mr. Bojangles, which involves dancing on chairs and tables, while four of us girls learned Crocodile Rock, which invovles the male singer/dancer and a grand piano =) It's quick and bubbly and lots of fun! During lunch we watched videos of some of the songs we dance to in our shows. For instance, we dance to I Got Rhythm, so we watched the Gene Kelley clip of it in the movie An American in Paris. Likewise, we watched Fred Astaire dance to Cheek to Cheek in Top Hat, and awful ZZ Top music video of She's Got Legs haha! But interestingly enough, I think this it's awesome that they're educating us on where our songs have originated because they said that passengers will bring these things up and will appreciate our knowledge about it. So, even though it takes up our hour break, it's really cool how they prepare us for ship life. We've also watched other educational videos about the ship and such, and I guess we'll have more later in the rehearsal process.

After lunch we learned the cirque piece for the vegas show.. holy cow it's so crazy hard but so FUN! It's got a very tricky rhythms but once we get it down, it's going to be SO freaking awesome! And, I got over a new fear today: going backwards. I have to do a back walkover in the air, being lifted by a boy, and my partner Sean is really trustworthy so we just went for it. The music is so fast that I don't really have time to think about flying backwards haha

So that was the rehearsal process today. We're hopefully going to slam out three more dances, but before that we're running everything we've learned in the Vegas show thus far.. which is almost half. So, all in all it's been a fun process! The days are still long and I'm usually exhausted afterwards, but I'm finally getting paid to dance... yay!!!!

Currently, I'm at my friend Susan's apartment, and she's also apart of the cast. We got delicious chicken wraps for dinner and now we're watching So You Think You Can Dance! I miss my family and friends, sorry I haven't called as much as I should, considering time is limited since I'm leaving soon.. but I will call when I can! And there are two ports I can use my phone while I'm in the Carribbean! Anyways, that's all for now! Sending my love! <3

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