Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part 4 of 'See You Later's & Life in LA!

So yesterday I had to say my final goodbyes. I had to say goodbye to my Grandpa and Dad, which was hard, but they are both very proud of me, so it's so great knowing that I have their support. Dad took me to the airport and walked me to security and exchanged hugs and a few tears before we parted. I was glad he stayed until I walked all the way through security =) My overall trip in Michigan was fun and busy and I think I got everything accomplished that I wanted to!

My Dad, Grandpa and I at Texas Roadhouse for my farewell/congratulatory dinner =)

THEREFORE.. My flights to LA were successful! I got here yesterday around 8pm and was escorted to my apartment. I met all the girls and they are super nice. All 8 of us are housed in a 3 bed apartment, each room with bunk beds. Its definitely an experience! I'm excited to see how the month pans out!

Today was our first day of rehearsal and we all trained on the lira hoop. HOLY COW it was so much fun! I had battle wounds though. I wore shorts and got some good bruises on my inner thigh. We learned things in the air on the hoop and then learned things underneath the hoop hanging by our ankle. It was crazy fun! All six of us learned it and tomorrow we have three more hours of training for it, and I think we figured out which two are doing it on the ship.

After rehearsal we walked to the grocery store and loaded up for the week and then just relaxed at the apartment. I think we are all going to hit the hot tub up later to relax our muscles because we're definitely going to be sore tomorrow!

Thats about it for now! Monday is my day off so I hope to post more then =)

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