Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"See you laters": Part 1

So, two days ago I had to say 'see you later' to my Oklahoma family. Definitely not easy. I know that I'll be back in no time, but it's still really hard to leave behind the ones that mean so much to you.

My week off was epic =) I got so much done and I was able to see a lot of people. I even got to go rock climbing for the first time! (Thank you Rudy, we will definitely have to do that again!) Friday was a small going away party held by one of my Sbux regulars (Thanks again!) Some showed up, some didn't, but it was still a lot of fun. I got eat dinner at the Melting Pot, and then returned home to received a very nice drawing from a good friend. The best part though was my roomies and I goofing around Friday night just being silly girls. We all laughed so much and definitely didn't go to bed until almost 4 in the morning haha

Saturday was a day full of SHOPPING! I was lucky at every store I went to, which is rare because I actually don't like shopping all that much. Unless it's shoes, then that's a different story, haha. Went to Hideaway Pizza for dinner, and then picked Sarah back up from work, stopped at a bar to say goodbye to Blaine, and then we all went to see Bridesmaids. I thought it was going to be good, but it wasn't my choice of humor. I liked a few parts but I probably wouldn't go see it again. But it was still worth it because we went to the Warren Theatre in Moore =) We stopped at a few other bars after to say goodbye to some of my other friends, and then made a stop at Walmart to get everything we needed for breakfast!

Sunday we made a huuuuge breakfast: waffles, eggs, bacon, toast and fruit. After that, Najah came over and we all spent a little time switching the furniture out in two rooms so Sarah could use mine and Najah could store hers. Then I started packing... my room was a mess! And I have waaaay too many clothes for 9 months!! So my suitcases were way too full, but I knew I could slim down later. Later, I had dinner at Olive Garden with Jared and his mom, which was very pleasant =) After I came back to the roomies where we enjoyed our last bottle of wine together and just hung out at the apartment.

Then came Monday. Laura left early in the morning, which was the beginning of my goodbyes. I had my last face-to-face counseling session, which went very well. I made my next rounds of saying goodbye to everyone.. NOT FUN. It was hard. I got to say goodbye to everyone that I wanted to, with just a couple of exceptions. The worst part was definitely saying goodbye to my roomies... we've been through everything together and it's the hardest connection to have to suspend while I'm away. They helped me load my car, and I wish I had a picture because I was rolling my big suitcase, Sarah was behind me with my medium suitcase, and Danielle was behind her with my baby suitcase. It looked hilarious! Mama Bear had her to Lil Bears behind her.... We all started crying when we had to do hugs.. and it took awhile for me to actually leave because I was stalling. When I drove off, I lost it, so I had to keep telling myself that it's only for a little while...

To my two roomies.. I am very proud of you both for everything you both have accomplished and I will miss you both so so so so much! Thank you for always being there for me and being the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for. I'm one lucky girl because I got the best of the best =) And take care of my Lucy! I miss her =(

As for now, I'm still in Dallas visiting with my Mom and Sister. It's been great so far, I'm just dreading round two of my goodbyes with them.... =(

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