Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Day Off...

... is wonderful! We've been working for the past 8 days straight and my body is gladly welcoming this day of rest! So far, we've learned quite a bit from our second show, which is considered the "dancer show" and it's pretty intense! It's non-stop ballroom partnering from one piece to the next.. and to think that we're not even done with the show yet! We're starting a different show tomorrow though, due to the choreographer that is here to teach it to us. We'll finish that, start our last show, and then go back to finish the second show in two weeks. So practicing every night in the apartment is a must so we don't lose the material. I'm thinking one of the shows we learn will be pretty light dance-wise, so that will serve as a nice breather. I'm excited to get them all done. And then in three weeks.. it's off to Europe!!

Today has been fun. I got to sleep in and take my time starting my day. Carly came and picked me up (for those of you who remember her, the same little red-head that used to work at Mem & Mac) and I've been hanging out at her apartment in Pasedena. She has a new little baby girl, Haven, who's only 9 days old. She's so precious! We just hung out at her apartment because she feeds her every two hours, which is totally fine with me. I don't really have the energy to go and do a bunch of things anways haha It's been nice to see my Twin Boo anyways, regardless of what we do! :)

OH.. and for anyone who is interested.. I have addresses for here, and my home ports so if you're interested in mailing anything (aka care packages *wink wink*) let me know and I'll send you the address!

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